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Is a Ventless Dryer Right for You? Pros and Cons to Consider

The likelihood of you having a dryer is almost 80% if you are a homeowner in Canada. Almost all residential dryers are vented outdoors. Hence, there is also a high chance that your dryer is vented outside your home. A ventless dryer solves many problems, especially for people owning small apartments and homes. It is also a good option for homes not equipped with vent- style dryer installation.

You might be thinking, “What is a ventless dryer?”. A ventless dryer picks up the moisture from clothes by constantly recirculating air through the drum. Then, it uses a heat exchanger to condense the moisture later. It works differently than vented dryers. Vented dryers use a dryer vent to push humid air outside. We’ll discuss the differences between the two and the ventless dryers in detail later in the blog.

Choosing between a ventless or a vented dryer when installing a new one can be tedious. Weighing the pros and cons of both can be confusing. If you want to decide regarding ventless dryers in Canada, this is the blog for you. We’ve written a detailed guide below that should clear away all your confusion. It answers questions like “How does a ventless dryer work?”, “Are ventless dryers good?” and “What are the problems with ventless dryers?” in detail. Let’s begin!

How does a ventless dryer work?

A dryer that has no outside ventilation system is a ventless dryer. These are also referred to as ductless dryers. Typical dryers have a vent system that uses a vent to dispose of the moisture in the clothes. The dryers take the moisture and turn it into steam using the dryer’s heat. It then uses a ventilation hose to expel all the moisture. Ventless dryers disperse the moisture by a completely different method. These are available in one of the two types: condenser dryers and Heat pump dryers.

Condenser Dryers

The condenser dryer is the most common type of Ventless dryer in Canada today. These draw cooler air into the drawing room and then heat up the air like the ventless dryers. A heat exchanger cools the air down in contrast to exhausting it through a hose. The moisture is converted back into a liquid as the temperature drops. This condensed water is collected in a chamber and then reheated to continue the cycle. This goes on until the drying process is complete. When the cycle ends, the used water is collected in a tray, which the user can dispose of quickly.

Heat Pump Dryers

Heat pump dryers have recently become available in North America. Although these are new to the region, they have grown in popularity thanks to their ability to save energy costs. These are highly efficient and are hence preferred by many users. In these dryers, the condenser is absent. This dryer does not create any humidity or moisture in the laundry room. The heat pump in these dryers continuously cycles the heated air in the drum to achieve this.

Ventless Dryers Pros and Cons

In European homes, ventless dryers are preferred over the vented dryers. The age and size of the architecture make it unsuitable to use a vented dryer. Choosing between vented and ventless dryers can be incredibly confusing. We have given the list of pros and cons for both dryers to make the decisions more accessible for you.

Pros of Ventless vs. Vented Dryers

We’ll answer the question “Are ventless dryers good?” below. Also, we compare the dryers’ versatility, efficiency, ease of installation, and ease of installation on fabrics.


Ventless dryers take up less space than vented dryers. Also, you don’t have to make any changes or holes in your exterior walls. Ventless dryers can be easily installed anywhere in your house without much hassle. This makes ventless dryers a perfect choice since they are very versatile. These can be an excellent choice for homeowners who have historically significant or older homes. Modifying the house in these cases is out of the question, making ventless dryers a great choice.


Since these dryers recycle the water used in the cycle, they use less energy. Conventional dryers use more energy than ventless dryers. This makes ventless dryers energy efficient and can significantly help lower electricity bills. These are also better for the environment.

Ease of Installation

Ventless dryers only require a power receptacle for their setup. This only needs to be either three or four prongs. Another requirement is adequate airflow around the unit. All these requirements are significantly easy to meet, making ventless dryers easy to install.

Easier on Fabrics

The lower volume of heat the ventless dryers produce is gentle on fabrics. Moreover, the smaller drum is also easy on the fabric. Hence, ventless dryers can prolong the life of your clothes.

Cons of Ventless vs. Vented Dryers- What are the problems with ventless dryers?

Limited capacity

Ventless dryers have increased drying times, and load capabilities are less. Large families that have high dryer usage may struggle with a ventless dryer. You can counter this by running the dryer more frequently and using smaller loads. However, the ventless dryer may not be cost-efficient if this is done, as the cost will go up due to frequent usage.

Bigger investment

A ventless dryer may cause cost savings in the long run, but a large initial investment is required to purchase it. A vented dryer will cost less as compared to a ventless dryer.

Increased Humidity

If your dryer is placed in a humid environment or congested space, it will cause humidity. The added moisture produced by the ventless dryer may also result in the growth of Mildew and mold. In humid environments, this can be very challenging to deal with. You may also face challenges if your pantry and laundry room share space.

Therefore, before deciding which dryer to buy, don’t forget to consider the family’s budget, space, and size.

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Your house space, family size and budget determine if you will need a ventless dryer in Canada. Ease of installation, versatility, and high energy savings are some benefits of Ventless dryers. You may face issues like potential humidity, lesser capacity, and high initial costs with ventless dryers. Therefore, it is important to take all these factors into account before you make a decision. “Best Solution Appliance Repair” is here for you if you need any guidance related to Ventless dryers. Being the winner of “Homestar’s Best of Awards 2023”, we provide top-notch dryer installation and repair services. Experience the best appliance repair services in the industry by booking an appointment today.